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A Magic Show Everywhere You Go!


- 200+ Magic Tricks

- Black Aluminum Carrying Case.

- Cups and Balls- Beautiful gold chrome plated cups come with red balls that vanish and  penetrate right through.

- Ring Escape- A solid brass metal ring penetrates magically through a shoelace.

- Money Paddle- Coins can appear, multiply and vanish on the gold money paddle.

- Psychic Deck of playing Cards- Read your friends mind and control and make any card appear upon your command with this professional  magical deck of cards.

- Pen Through Bill- The pen can penetrate right through any bill or piece of paper. Then immediately, the bill or paper is fully restored.

- Tekno Kards- A see through blank plastic card projects your  selected card image to appear on your phones camera.

- Prediction Coin- The coin can reveal a selected card.

- Book of Secrets- Illustrated instruction book with link to online video performances and secrets.

- Bonus Augmented Reality Tech Trick- magic with your phone or tablet.


All Fantasma Magic comes with kid friendly, illustrated step-by-step instructions to help you master the tricks quickly and successfully. It’s a great individual activity or something to share with your friends. Online bonus videos for more tricks, professional performance tips and other ways to impress your audience.


Precision manufacturing, detailed craftmanship and the highest quality materials assures sturdy and durable props that will hold up to demanding and frequent use. These sets provide hours and hours magical fun.


These confidence building, self-esteem boosting sets will help develop social skills, public speaking abilities and fine motor skills. Put on your own special magic show anytime you’d like.

BUILD SKILLS AND CONFIDENCE: Performing magic is a skill that takes hard work. In the process you will not only become an incredible magician but also build valuable habits and skills, such as self-esteem, hand eye coordination and public speaking.


EASY TO LEARN & PERFORM: The perfect magic set for children 6 years and older and a great choice for both boys and girls. The illustrated, step-by-step booklet walks you through each trick in detail and helps you become a master magician in no time.


INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF MAGICIANS: Fantasma Toys is honored to be the only toy company endorsed by the professionals of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, the world's largest professional magicians' organization. Fantasma Magic is considered the #1 brand worldwide in the magic category.


SAFE: Easy to perform, yet very entertaining magic tricks. Every Fantasma magic product is quality controlled and all components of the set conform to all US and International toy safety testing standards


Product Box Dimensions: 10.5" H x 12.75" W x 4" D


UPC: 816344015170


Item #: 423EUD


Ages 7+


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