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At Fantasma, we understand that children grow best through experiences. Fantasma Toys foster a curiosity and confidence that lasts a lifetime.




Fantasma Magic is the #1 brand in magic, and this is why Disney chose Fantasma as its licensee. The main difference between Fantasma and other magic suppliers is play value, unique tricks, packaging and value for consumer use. At Fantasma, we use the highest quality professionally made materials for props, instructional books & videos. Needless to say, our sets are designed to last. Fantasma adds value to the buyer experience with a "secret link" to hundreds of inspiring videos showing classic magic legends, such as Houdini and Blackstone. Fantasma has invested in regular consultation with a child development expert from Columbia U. and Yale U. to assure that our magic sets offer growth opportunities such as hand-eye coordination, confidence in speaking, and social skills.


The only magic company endorsed by the International Brotherhood of Magicians, FANTASMA’s magic sets come with professional quality components that will turn any wannabe wizard into a master magician. With easy to follow online video instructions PLUS a bonus book of secrets, you will learn how to do multiple tricks with the components in the set as well as tricks with everyday household items! As you learn the basics, you magical abilities will grow!

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