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About Us

Fantasma is an award-winning, Global toy manufacturing company.

About Us

Fantasma is an award-winning, Global toy manufacturing company.

Dear Friends and Visitors,

Fantasma Toys was born in 2001 out of my passion for magic and a recognized need for professional-quality, innovative magic products at value-oriented prices. As a magician myself since childhood, I have a firsthand understanding of how important it is for our magic tricks to be easy to learn, amazing to perform and be most entertaining. My solid foundation in designing and manufacturing hundreds of collectibles for Disney, Warner Brothers, Sesame Street, and other studios allowed me to use my success in product development to create the highest quality toys and magic kits sold to leading retailers around the World. 


Our in-house team of inventors, artists, and child 

development experts along with our focus on quality control has allowed Fantasma to be ranked as the #1 brand Worldwide. 

We have earned the Toys R Us Vendor of the Year award and are endorsed by The International Brotherhood of Magicians (I.B.M.) and the International Magicians Society for our contribution to magic over many decades.  

Fantasma includes

with each set an Illustrated “Book of Secrets” instruction manual which encourages children to read and improve their hand-eye coordination. The set also includes videos with online access that show entertaining performances of the items included and easy-to-follow secrets in how to perform them. In some sets over 

300 plus videos! We nurture growth in our magicians by providing educational material and fun skill-building opportunities through our Fantasma platform, as well. 

In addition to

our line of magic tricks and sets, Fantasma offers toys of different types designed with child development in mind. Our STEM science kits, slime concoctions, and tech-based activities encourage creative play, critical thinking, and social interaction. Most importantly to us is ensuring that children of all ages have fun!

We would love to bring Fantasma to your store or your home! Contact us with any questions or comments:  

For those magic lovers like me, check out!  I am the collector and officianado of the former Houdini Museum of New York, now Houdini Revealed, as featured on the History Channel, Discovery Channel, PBS, and many more over the years.

Roger Dreyer, CWO
Chief Wizard Officer
Fantasma Toys

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